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IG es el mayor corredor de Forex y distribuidor de CFD del mundo. La compañía ofrece acceso global a una línea de productos integral que incluye divisas, índices bursátiles, acciones individuales, sectores de acciones, materias primas, criptomonedas, bonos y tasas de interés en una variedad de plataformas de comercio móvil y basadas en la web de nivel profesional.

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Gráfico de fallos de IG 08/09/2020 01:50

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  • mrcod72 David Card (@mrcod72) reportó

    @IGClientHelp One would assume this is supposed to be a form of help desk? As a long term customer your ignorance is something else! Can you please reply to my DM?

  • gshclinton Greg Clinton (@gshclinton) reportó

    @IGcom I hold an account with IG. They took over a week to respond to my request to vote at Petropavlovsk RGM, now too late. Pretty rubbish “help”.

  • sachinsyd Sachiin19 (@sachinsyd) reportó

    @IGClientHelp @IGAus WTF is wrong with your support? Have u sacked them all ?

  • BarnabyBeak Barnaby Beak (@BarnabyBeak) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Can you please fix your Silver option prices so that they are centred around the current price? There are twenty or more strikes below but only four strikes above in both the Sep and Dec series.

  • carl_fx_ carl (@carl_fx_) reportó

    @IGTV @IGcom @VictoriaS_IG trillions of dollars to support the world economies ? with no growth ? this is only going one way.

  • EllyDavis EllyDavis 🇬🇧 🔶 (@EllyDavis) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Seeing as IG no longer provides a Live Chat help I'll ask my Q here. When is BEPC going to be tradeable? Ta

  • nidzolaaa Nidžola (@nidzolaaa) reportó

    @IGClientHelp I can't withdraw my funds, and no one is answering when I call the support, I'm on the phone waiting for over an hour

  • StuChalmers Stuart Chalmers (@StuChalmers) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Is there a problem with your data feed on GO (grocery outlet - nasdaq) spread is showing as 102 and quoted price is flipping every couple of seconds - my other platforms all show spread of 1 or 2 cents and stable pricing?

  • ethanecar Ethan (@ethanecar) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Hi. I’m not receiving any indicator alerts on my phone. Alerts via e-mail and Price alerts on phone works though. Plz help

  • spoonus Guy Winterflood (@spoonus) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Wondering when you are going to reopen the Crypto 10 Index for trading...not impressive that you quote something on such a volatile market and the moment there is some volatility you pull down the shutters...

  • Filthy_Sweep Soler System| Driller Wail (@Filthy_Sweep) reportó

    @IGClientHelp can I get help in dms?

  • dynamo_kebab Dynamo Kebab (@dynamo_kebab) reportó

    @IGClientHelp cannot login to web platform or app. unexpected error. clearing cache does not work. please resolve.

  • Knightsky100 Pdarm (@Knightsky100) reportó

    @IGClientHelp I can't sign in right now. . Saying "unexpected error". Is there work being done on the site?

  • vidh0889 vidh0889 (@vidh0889) reportó

    @IGClientHelp is there any scheduled maintenance on the app, I can’t see any data on my app

  • GGuz5 Gloria G (@GGuz5) reportó

    @IGClientHelp any other way to contact your customer service? Average of 30 mins waiting in the line every time I call. It’s extremely frustrating!!

  • gud2bheard - (@gud2bheard) reportó

    @IGClientHelp have been on hold for 30+ mins to speak to customer services. Is there an issue ? Not the usual service I would associate with IG

  • VictoriaS_IG Victoria Scholar MSTA (@VictoriaS_IG) reportó

    $DAX now down more than 2.2% on the @IGcom platform with US indices now pointing to a weaker open. #Qualcomm and #PayPal (both all sessions stock, tradable outside of market hours with IG), paring gains after major spikes after the close last night on the back of earnings.

  • jbrframe Jamie (@jbrframe) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Mobile App iOS is showing values that do nor correspond to reality and Web version also wrong. So serious issues across all platforms. You have no online chat and no-one answers 08004096789 I waited 30min!! Starting to think IG might be in trouble??

  • kerryn_forster Kerryn (@kerryn_forster) reportó

    @IGClientHelp IG have registered me as a MR and i am actually a MISS. Im wanting to sign up for US share trading but would like my correct prefix before doing so. There is no option to do so in the personal details section. Help please

  • AimResearcher AIM Researcher (@AimResearcher) reportó

    @Dan_The_Maiin @IGClientHelp @qn2884 I had that problem, Dan. Tried clearing my entire cache, then finding the domains used by IG (their own, a login one, a CDN) and clearing everything on those - nothing fixed it. But it did work in a brand new browser profile with no history. After 2 weeks my main one fixed itself

  • schalkkearney Schalk Kearney (@schalkkearney) reportó

    @IGcom Can't trade, website down

  • schalkkearney Schalk Kearney (@schalkkearney) reportó

    @IGcom Your website is down

  • schalkkearney Schalk Kearney (@schalkkearney) reportó

    @IGTV @IGcom @VictoriaS_IG Your website is still down... 2 days now

  • chapmantheron Happy Chappie (@chapmantheron) reportó

    @IGSquawk @IGClientHelp Internet Platform not accesseble for 16Hours without any response from IG Team. Numerous calls made, no explanation given, only "problem will be resolved in 15min" from agents. #notverygoodservice

  • chapmantheron Happy Chappie (@chapmantheron) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Internet Platform not accesseble for 16Hours without any response from IG Team. Numerous calls made, no explanation given, only "problem will be resolved in 15min" from agents. #notverygoodservice

  • MannyPereira13 Manny Pereira (@MannyPereira13) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Platform down the whole day, no feedback except the usual bs "certain clients are experiencing...". Phone's are not answered. Cannot trade CFD's on the app for whatever reason. Not happy 😠

  • GinoLanduyt Gino Landuyt (@GinoLanduyt) reportó

    There are still issues on your platform. Eurostoxx50, Oil-Brent Crude, EURGBP, EURCHF and most importantly Spot Silver futures are indicating market is closed, however orders are being executed but can’t be managed thereafter this for >3 hours already.Fix it ASAP @IGClientHelp

  • NapolitaKio Peroxide (@NapolitaKio) reportó

    @IGClientHelp From the dashboard, the Open platform link does not launch across Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Cleared the cache didn't help. Please assist

  • Dan_The_Maiin Daniel (@Dan_The_Maiin) reportó

    @IGClientHelp @qn2884 Why can I not get any assistance? The platform is down in South Africa. I can only sign in but can't access the platform. Please sort this out.

  • sandile19 sandile (@sandile19) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Hi guys. Are you guys aware that the trading platform is experiencing problems in terms of logging in. I logged into the platform and it is showing a blank page. I clicked on the Open platform button and is not showing anything.