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Garmin Connect es una plataforma de actividad de salud y estado físico para usuarios de rastreadores Garmin como relojes inteligentes, monitores de frecuencia cardíaca y dispositivos GPS. La aplicación Garmin Connect está disponible en las tiendas de Google y Apple.

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Gráfico de fallos de Garmin Connect 08/09/2020 01:40

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  • Sitio Caído 21.43% Sitio Caído
  • Servicios en línea 14.29% Servicios en línea
  • Inicio de Sesión 14.29% Inicio de Sesión
  • Aplicación 7.14% Aplicación
  • Errores 7.14% Errores

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La mayoría de reportes de fallos e interrupciones se originaron en:
FranceBordeaux Servicios en línea
FranceBordeaux Sitio Caído
FranceBordeaux Aplicación
United KingdomStoke-on-Trent Sitio Caído
MexicoMonterrey Servicios en línea
CanadaGuelph Sitio Caído

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Reportes de Fallos de Garmin Connect

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • News4Tri News4Tri (@News4Tri) reportó

    @dcrainmakerblog Any one had any @GarminFitness data losses post the recent issues? I admit I don't login to garmin connect much any more, but was shocked to find my data from large swathes of my history gone including my best Ironman result. I've had Garmin watches since 2006

  • acurzon Amanda Curzon (@acurzon) reportó

    @GarminUK @GarminFitness I DM’d my details to @GarminUK but I haven’t heard anything yet. Is there anyone who can help get my steps back on my account for July 23-24?

  • JohnKAubrey John Aubrey (@JohnKAubrey) reportó

    My @GarminFitness VivoActive 3 battery life is horrible. It was at 100% at 7. Went kayaking and now it's down to 59% now.

  • WCollins04 William Collins (@WCollins04) reportó

    @GarminFitness When is the forerunner 955 release?!?? Let us in on the secret, after all, we stuck around through the 2020 outage!

  • Eoin_Burns Burnsy (@Eoin_Burns) reportó

    @GarminUK @Garmin @GarminFitness Hello, anybody home...??? My 735xt Forerunner watch needs troubleshooting to solve its Bluetooth connection difficulties with my iPhone. Any advice or help would be very much appreciated. Eoin

  • ahmed_yanaal YANAAL ◐ (@ahmed_yanaal) reportó

    .@GarminFitness i think the most recent attack has showed you why you need to improve Garmin Connect’s offline capabilities and sync. Had you added offline support, a lot of users could have continued using the app despite not syncing to garmin connect servers.

  • Eoin_Burns Burnsy (@Eoin_Burns) reportó

    @GarminFitness Hi can you please help set up my 735xt Forerunner on my iPhone? I've reset my phone the other week and just had no problem hooking up my 520 Edge Plus to my iPhone but 735xt watch is being stubborn and I need your help getting the Bluetooth working @AppleSupport

  • jonahaug Jon Åsbjørn Hauge (@jonahaug) reportó

    @StephenSeiler @tacx @GarminFitness That's not good! Especially for a indoor bike that's not exposed to any bad weather and for what that bike costs.

  • aumHigh_swe Robert Fagerberg (@aumHigh_swe) reportó

    @GarminFitness Hey, I had problems on the day I posted the message here on Twitter and 48h before approximately. Tested to export original today and it now works again 👍 The laps missing problem is still there. Anything I import from database from Endomondo/Runkeeper/strava has laps merged.

  • santos_ngu Christian Santos Rojas (@santos_ngu) reportó

    @nrosser @GarminFitness Thanks, but I saw on the news that Garmin had a hakeo problem. As an equal, this new device and I can't make any adjustments within the clock. And they don't respond through any channels of communication

  • RogerForDuluth Roger Reinert (@RogerForDuluth) reportó

    Hey @GarminFitness - how to fix gaps in data from the prolonged synch issues??

  • nrosser Neil Rosser (@nrosser) reportó

    @GeeBee069 @GarminFitness Search up the user manual for your device online and search within that document for your question. I bet that will help you resolve your issue.

  • santos_ngu Christian Santos Rojas (@santos_ngu) reportó

    @GarminFitness Hi, I'm from Chile. I bought a new garmin fenix 6 sapphire today and I can't act anything. Can you help me? sorry if this isn't the channel, but speak the other way and they won't answer me.

  • mysteryguise Barry (@mysteryguise) reportó

    @GarminFitness please let me know how I can retrieve my steps from the 23rd-25th July during the outage? I was 3 days away from my 60 day goal but Fenix6sPro locked up (blue triangle) and had to do a factory reset and then upload .fit files for my runs 9,13 &13 miles resp.

  • jani18n Jani Uusitalo (@jani18n) reportó

    @GarminFitness I haven't received my monthly Fitness Report from last month. Is this a known issue at your end, or perhaps a glitch at my email provider?

  • OnemacM 🌊☘️🎸OneMac Music 🇮🇪 (@OnemacM) reportó

    @GarminFitness Last week I kept getting messages on Garmin Connect that the server was down. What was the issue? Also, Basketball 🏀 is one of the most popular & played games in the world but it’s not listed on Garmin Connect. Obscure sports are listed so why not Basketball 🏀?

  • wilhelminajmd Wilhelmina (@wilhelminajmd) reportó

    @FWarthog @Garmin @GarminFitness Mine started working a couple of days ago - and others have reported similar - is yours still not working?

  • osma Osma Ahvenlampi (@osma) reportó

    Seems like @Garmin @GarminFitness is down again. Another unannounced "outage" for another breach, or just regular incompetence? How are the flight and rescue services doing this time? #garmindown

  • mymanhenri ✨💋✨ (@mymanhenri) reportó

    @danteluciani @GarminFitness Some. I was late on strava and never considered it a goto. It’s a known platform so I’m there for that only. But this is still inexcusable in my eyes. This is a basic sync. Imagine coming home and Usain Bolt’s medals just vanished after a bad update?

  • jessvadino jess vadino (@jessvadino) reportó

    @GarminFitness why does my vivostyle think I’m dying? Inaccurate abnormal heart readings are kind of terrifying. Pls fix.

  • gyds_support GetYourDailySteps (@gyds_support) reportó

    @GarminFitness - any ETA on when your OAuth service will be back up and running again? Its been down every time I've tried today.

  • AgnetaBurrows Agneta Burrows (@AgnetaBurrows) reportó

    @GarminFitness Information about "outage" gone from Garmin connect but still no sign of stats (23-24 of July). When will they be back? Can be seen on watch itself, not on connect. Not happy.

  • aumHigh_swe Robert Fagerberg (@aumHigh_swe) reportó

    @jvbazza @GarminFitness I got the same problem. They made it so tapiirik cant sync old runs either, trying to gather all my old data in one place currently. I got it all into garmin connect but sadly garmin refuses to read lap split times from my old runs, so now im trying to get all my data to strava.

  • WiflingMartin Martin Wifling (@WiflingMartin) reportó

    @GarminFitness When will you fix the export function? Error 400 Bad request Thanks

  • Todd_M_Wood Todd Wood (@Todd_M_Wood) reportó

    @GarminFitness My Garmin Connect is not syncing with my Virgin Pulse app that my company utilizes to track activity. Is there still an issue with this?

  • kline_kurt kurt k (@kline_kurt) reportó

    Purchased @MiroirUSA projector stopped working 1 month after purchase. Paid $40 to ship the broken projector and have to wait weeks to get it back. Broken watch from @GarminFitness , over-nighted me a new one. @GarminFitness would you mind getting into the projector business?

  • a_rb Arindam Roy Bardhan (@a_rb) reportó

    @Garmin , @GarminFitness I brought an Instinct model wrist watch in september last year. I have been using it up until last month. Now after a month gap, I charged it again but it is not working. Not getting paired, heart rate monitor not working. Have tried factory reset too.

  • williamzest William Zest (@williamzest) reportó

    @GarminFitness How about you make my original instinct sync with loseit again before advertising your new ****? WTF, I haven’t had full functionality for almost two weeks!

  • boz409 Martin Boswell (@boz409) reportó

    @GarminFitness all my activities during the outage have uploaded but my steps, sleep and HR data for July 23 and 24 are missing in Connect even after several syncs of my Forerunner 735. Anyway to manually upload health data for these 2 days?

  • sashash1706 SSN (@sashash1706) reportó

    @GarminFitness Ive bad a forerunner for 2 years now and I've had to replace the watch band 3 times already. While I would love to upgrade with another Garmin I doubt I would. Many people I know complain about having to replace bands.