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E-Trade Financial Corporation ofrece una plataforma de comercio electrónico para negociar activos financieros que incluyen acciones comunes, acciones preferentes, contratos de futuros, fondos negociados en bolsa, opciones, fondos mutuos e inversiones de renta fija.

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Gráfico de fallos de E*Trade 08/09/2020 01:30

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  • Option2012Z JIMMY Z (@Option2012Z) reportó

    @JunkoSu22993224 @etrade No one cares. Link holder here. You are never the cause of the pump. Link trades on technicals partnerships and fundamentals only! Your making link look bad and yourself. Just stop

  • lennyliebmann Lenny Liebmann (@lennyliebmann) reportó

    @etrade Oh shut ******** up with this nonsense jesus on rye

  • CrayCrayCrypto Cray Cray Crypto (@CrayCrayCrypto) reportó

    @JunkoSu22993224 @etrade WTF WAS THAT

  • GeorgeBoothIII George Booth (@GeorgeBoothIII) reportó

    @etrade On hold forever and issues can’t be resolved online. Why aren’t you accessible to your customers?

  • blcurley Barry Curley (@blcurley) reportó

    @JunkoSu22993224 @etrade $10, $11, $12, it’s now $13. Kick that can down the road Junko!

  • ktlin60 ktlink (@ktlin60) reportó

    @etrade What I want to know is if we gain jobs but have1.2 million new job losses plus all the other millions on unemployment and businesses are going out of business right & left, how can unemploymt go down? Doesnt make sense. Otherwise most of time few 100 k job losses shouldnt matter

  • omarhoffy Omar El Hoffi (@omarhoffy) reportó

    @etrade has the slowest/worst mobile app of the bunch

  • PopAndLockin James D (@PopAndLockin) reportó

    @etrade "The Economy is in the shitter, but hey! So much money is in the hands of so few that unemployment doesn't even bother the market! So why not come on down and spend what little savings you have left on E*Trade!"

  • DICERAW DiceRaw jenkins (@DICERAW) reportó

    @etrade is the worst

  • Baineleon bleon (@Baineleon) reportó desde Miami Shores, Florida

    @etrade sucks can’t get a human being to talk to and email takes 3 to 5 days. Transferring all my accounts. Shut it down

  • Givemeabreak305 Bigmamma (@Givemeabreak305) reportó

    @BraddyBrad3 @etrade The reason that freight is booming is because of the glut of stuff that was stuck in the harbors. The glut of items on black order when China was shut down. Now folks don't have not disposable income anymore a lot of stuff is gonna sit on the shelf and freight will slow down.

  • CalebShipley2 Caleb Shipley (@CalebShipley2) reportó

    @maurinsky @etrade Didn't see the GOP closing down the entire country and economy.

  • apropos_of_null Apropos of Nothing (@apropos_of_null) reportó

    Is @etrade down?

  • patelkunala Kunal Patel (@patelkunala) reportó

    @etrade What toll free number do I call from UK? Coz dailing 00 800 3338 7233 (as per Contact Us page) as is on mobile doesn't even dail let alone connect, please help.

  • just_kiddin_k Kamran (@just_kiddin_k) reportó

    @etrade your website is not working properly.

  • Givemeabreak305 Bigmamma (@Givemeabreak305) reportó

    @PJFlyers @etrade But The GOP wants people to believe in the trickle down theory when we know that without a good foundation of the blue/no collar workers getting the supplemental the economy would be a lot worse off than it has been. Next week without payments, the weakness will be revealed.

  • cmwhitcomb Crystal Mae (@cmwhitcomb) reportó

    What in the world is going on with @etrade customer service? I’ve literally tried to call for a week now. I usually spend 40 minutes on the line before it gets disconnected. 😭😭😭

  • notafoodaccount Mr. 2 Weeks (@notafoodaccount) reportó

    also need to verify one more thing and it doesn’t help that I’m back on hold @etrade I seriously hate your customer service department

  • Litzkrieg33 Obi-John Litznobi (@Litzkrieg33) reportó

    @SwaggyP_LV @etrade I’ve tried and E*TRADE just calls it for what it is, “it’s a glitch in the system”

  • Donkey35A clear conscience (@Donkey35A) reportó

    @etrade So, when the DOW closes at 27 that's a bad thing?

  • JJHils John (@JJHils) reportó

    I don’t know what happened to @etrade. They used to have great customer service and now they don’t even pick up the phone. Just terrible. Waiting forever as always. May be time to find a new broker

  • EmmaJaneofKY EmmaJane (@EmmaJaneofKY) reportó

    @etrade Why have I been on hold with your customer service for over an hour two days in a row? Why does you email send standand responses to my emails telling me to call when I can’t spend HOURS on hold?

  • Meelkin Madison (@Meelkin) reportó

    @etrade I was just on hold for an hour and had to hang up. Do you all have a call back service?

  • AxlStocks Axl (@AxlStocks) reportó

    @rixstox @etrade ikr it’s awful, I had to invert the color on my laptop

  • jefflindsay Jeff Lindsay (@jefflindsay) reportó

    @Etrade customer service chat support wait time is 82 minutes now. Recently had 5 hour wait for Delta call back. Had 2 hour wait for Spectrum. Can't big US companies figure out how to do customer service remotely? Don't blame COVID. It's your commitment to customers that's sick.

  • moontrades_ Moon Stonks (@moontrades_) reportó

    @etrade damn you guys really suck...

  • RunAGame Jon Lemich (@RunAGame) reportó

    @etrade WHY is the market pushing higher? Shouldn't investors be concerned that 30 million are unemployed, 20+% of renters are being evicted, and small businesses are closing down at an alarming rate?

  • jnsq Cancel Culture Fish 🌹🏴 (@jnsq) reportó

    Setting up a new phone has been horrifyingly enlightening about just how bad most real-world 2FA implementations are, but I think the winner is the @etrade implementation of @symantec VIP that requires a 2FA code from the device you're removing in order to remove it.

  • chefjeffurso Chef Jeff Urso, CEC (@chefjeffurso) reportó

    @etrade your customer service sucks so bad it’s a wonder you can stay in business.

  • Telecombarbie Pam (@Telecombarbie) reportó

    @etrade All of my sell options are "gone": Good for 60; extended hours...can you help?