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El siguiente mapa de fallos muestra las ubicaciones más recientes en todo el mundo donde los usuarios de informaron sus problemas e interrupciones. Si tiene un problema con y su área no aparece en la lista, asegúrese de enviar un reporte a continuación.

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Por el momento, no detectamos problemas con ¿Estás teniendo problemas o interrupciones? Déjanos un mensaje en los comentarios. fue fundada en 2001 y está regulada en varios países. Ofrece plataformas comerciales robustas tanto para el nuevo operador como para el profesional. Su empresa matriz es GAIN Capital Holdings.

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Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:
Lugar Reportes
Chicago, IL 2
London, England 2
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture 2
Franklin, TN 1
Maryport, England 1
Winston-Salem, NC 1
St. Catharines, ON 1
Essen, NRW 1
Los Angeles, CA 1
Katy, TX 1
Sharpsburg, GA 1
Sherrills Ford, NC 1
Fort Worth, TX 1
Shipley, England 1
Seattle, WA 1
Richmond, IN 1
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Reportes de Fallos de

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Nic Brown (@NicBrown79) reportó

    @JoeP_FOREXcom @FOREXcom DXY up Markets and Crypto down 🤔

  • Hunter (@Janke_100) reportó

    @FOREXcom May be I will try both way, whats make worst trade, will be my qns

  • Waqas Ansari (@WaqasAnsari_) reportó

    @FOREXcom I will check and consider on it how is make my worst trade next time i couldn't that again

  • elezbeth john (@ElezbethJohn) reportó

    @FOREXcom Despite the economy down I'm happy . I have been earning $60.200 return from my $10 000 investment every 13 days while trading with @Joycefxpro on telegram

  • FxGecko (@FxGecko_Global) reportó

    The client is seeking compensation from @FOREXcom for the loss. FxGecko has sent the complaint to FOREXcom but has not received a reply yet. FxGecko data shows that @FOREXcom currently has 50 customer complaints, 34 of which have been replied to and 1 has been resolved. #forex

  • LaySleuthTeres ✝️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ 🌹 (@Trmarq) reportó

    @FOREXcom Fx: HELP! My exit tabs disappeared from my platform; how do I get them back? I can't exit my positions.

  • levent (@levent689) reportó

    @cLeverEdge @FOREXcom dxy 110,i don;t think usa want the dollar more valuable then 110.very bad for exporters

  • Ida (@prettyassida) reportó

    @FOREXcom the app and website are down 🆘

  • Avwero (@uzerxy) reportó

    @FOREXcom Patience and risk mgt are "common sense" turn valid noise on why you losing" by those with no bills to pay / working full time 9-5 jobs, dont waste "time". Use a small acct focus on learning from losses, developing problem solving mindset is the only way to level up your game.

  • Avwero (@uzerxy) reportó

    @FOREXcom Patience and risk mangement are "common sense" turn valid noise on why you losing" by those with fat account / no bills to pay / working full time 9-5 jobs, dont waste "time". Use a small acct focus on learning from losses, problem solving its the only way to level up your game.

  • Learn to read FX charts (@ltrfxc) reportó

    @FOREXcom Think of them as levels only. Thinking support or resistance gives a false impression of what might happen next time the level is approached

  • Mike Nsumizi (@Mike_Nsumizi) reportó

    @FOREXcom Kindly help with request Reference number: 06956432. Been pending for 2 days

  • Jamie McCollum (@Iron_James_Cash) reportó

    Hey @FOREXcom, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • Ɖ æ n k s y (@daanksy) reportó

    Network transactions have over doubled since MyDoge released their Dogeverse. The People’s Currency is making big moves. Future Forex superstar? Ticker: $DOGE #SpendIngDoge #Ɖ @FOREXcom @tradingview @ForexLive

  • Patrick vain (@patrick_vain) reportó

    @GoLowCrypto @FOREXcom oh am so sorry this happened to me once but I got it fix with the help of 👉👉👉(dvosscyberspy)👈👈👈 on Instagram he his the best for the job and trustworthy

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